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Cherry Tomatoes 3-ways

I picked a bunch of cherry tomatoes from my grandparents garden so decided to make a well rounded meal all based around those little tomatoes!

First, I sautéed the cherry tomatoes with onion, garlic and some balsamic vinaigrette. I let it reduce and get thick and delicious. While that was cooking down I toasted up some seed bread and then just served the balsamic tomatoes on tip of the bread and it was DELISH!!

For the next dish, I used the left over tomato mixture and simply added a couple roasted red peppers (the jarred kind) and put it all in my magic bullet. Let in blend and poured it over top some left over macaroni noodles I had from earlier in the week.

Lastly, with leftover sauce from that, I just thinned it out with some water, added a bit of vegan ranch and used it as a dressing over a salad! YUM!

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