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Quick and Easy Panini!

Panini’s have gotta be my favorite food group. This one is fairly basic and is always a crowd pleaser! I suggest a low to medium heat to give the cheese enough time to get melty. Takes a couple minutes longer but worth it!

- Sour dough bread

- Tofurkey deli slices

- Follow Your Heart cheddar slice

- eggplant hummus

- stone ground mustard

- spinach and sprouts

TOP TIP - On the outside (one side), I spread a thin layer of Just chipotle mayo to get that crispy crunch and extra flavor! I then put it on the pan mayo side down and apply mayo to the dry side to keep it from getting too messy. Flip once golden and don’t forget to smash it with your spatula while cooking!

Cut in half and serve with some fresh fruit and veg or your favorite chips!

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