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Magical Vegan Cupcakes!

Have you heard of this hack before?? These 3 Ingredient Vegan cupcakes are SO EASY to make and are fun for the whole family. So Easy Series | Episode 1


-Store bought box cake mix

-1 can of sparkling water or soda (any flavor you like, we chose lemon this time)

-Store bought frosting

TIP: Many of the cake mixes and frostings at the grocery store are accidentally vegan but be sure to check the label's thoroughly!


-Preheat oven per box directions

-Start with the cake mix in a mixing bowl

-Pour in sparkling water and begin mixing. Be sure to not over mix! We need those fluffy bubbles!

-Bake per box directions

-Let them cool then frost

Enjoy and let us know if you give them a try!

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